Clases de Cocina

Our cooking classes have been developed to enable you to learn in a hands-on manner, whilst teaching about traditional Oaxacan cooking. We will meticulously guide you through every detail of the cooking process and help you understand the intrícate details that define our cuisine. Oaxacan dishes can be complex at times, but our classes will explain the inherent logic in traditional cooking styles, enabling you to better appreciate the fantasticmeals that you will learn to create. Upon arrival, we start with a round table discussion about local, traditional cuisine, followed by a tour to a local market where we will purchase the ingredients needed for the class. Although some ingredients are endemic to Oaxaca, we will make sure to show you how to recreate every recipe back home. Of course, the cooking class will be followed by a sit down ´comida´where you eat what you have cooked. During the meal you will be treated to a short introductory talk about Oaxaca, its rich history and some of the places of interest that you might like to visit.

-Visita guiada al mercado de la 20 de noviembre donde se dará una explicación de hierbas, especias y las diferentes variedades de chiles en conjunto con la degustación de amenidades locales como son el téjate (bebida prehispánica) pan y chocolate

-Salsas -Preparaciones de productos derivados del maíz. -Aguas frescas con frutas de temporada -Moles (Proteína a elegir) -Postre. -Mezcal o cerveza.

-Recolecta de productos frescos de temporada con los cuales se harán platillos y salsas, utilizando diferentes tipos de técnicas de cocción  con  las variedades de chiles mas representativos del Estado